Juliana dos Santos Vaz

Name: Juliana dos Santos Vaz

E-mail: juliana.vaz@gmail.com

Bachelorís Degree in Nutrition (UFPel, RS, Brazil), Masterís in Medical Sciences (UFRGS, RS, Brazil), PhD in Nutrition (UFRJ, RJ, Brazil), Postdoctoral research (UFPel, RS, Brazil)

University graduate:Nutrition. UFPel, 2000. Master:Medical Sciences (Endocrinology). UFRGS, 2005."Dietary methods to estimated protein and lipid intake in patients with type 2 diabetes: food questionnaires and biological markers"
Advisor:Themis Zelmanovitz

PhD in Nutrition. UFRJ, 2012. "Serum fatty acids, dietary patterns and mental health during pregnancy"
Advisor: Gilberto Kac
Sandwich period at the National Institute of Health - Bethesda, Maryland, USA
Advisor: Joseph Hibbeln

Themes of interest:
- Nutritional epidemiology
- Dietary methods and methodological issues
- Maternal and child nutrition
- Nutrition and mental health
- Biological markers of food intake (mainly fatty acids);

Projects in progress:
Dietary patterns from infancy to adolescence: reflects on mental health, abdominal fat and metabolic parameters at 22-23 years (1993 Pelotas Cohort)

Mental health and nutritional status from pregnancy to postpartum: a prospective cohort at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Orientações em andamento:
Luna Strieder Vieira. Socioeconomic trajectory and nutritional status:1993 Birth Cohort, Pelotas, RS. (Epidemiology) - Federal University of Pelotas (Co-adviser).

Isabel Bierhals. Title to be decided. Start: 2015. (Epidemiology) - Federal University of Pelotas (Co-advisor).

Orientações concluŪdas
Ediana Volz Neitzke Karnopp. Ultraprocessed foods and its effects on nutritional status and lipid profile at 18 years. (Nutrition) - Federal University of Pelotas (Co-advisor).


Programa de Pós-Graduação em Epidemiologia - Centro de Pesquisas Epidemiológicas