MSc Epidemiology

The MSc program in Epidemiology at UFPel aims to develop innovative researchers that contribute to advancing our understanding of epidemiology. The objective is to develop epidemiologists with field experience, ability to organise and to collect primary data, as well as the ability to analyse the collected information. The program has a CAPES rating of grade 7, this is the highest grade in Brazilian Public Health and represents an excellence level at international standards.

The program is built up of theoretical and practical disciplines allowing the students to work towards their research proposals and literature review. Students must attend classes to achieve the necessary credits for presenting their final research-based dissertations. The final dissertation consists of a research proposal, results of the fieldwork report, and an appropriate article to be published a scientific journal. Most students conclude their research activities before the final two months of the program.

The Master's in Epidemiology at UFPel was the first Brazilian course to adopt a research method called Consortium where postgraduates carry out field investigation collectively. This system allows for independent research through data analysis and provides students with a broad knowledge base in the area of biostatistics, encompassing both basic and sophisticated regression models such as the logistic model, Poisson regression and multilevel models. The students choose their analysis theme, prepare a research proposal and carry out the data collection in a population-based cross sectional study. Access to the general data is universal to all students, whereas if the student presents a unique question more data can be made available upon request. The consortium reduces the time and cost of data collection, without limiting the scope and the relevance of the studies. 80% of students have published at least one paper based on their this research, and almost 90% of those papers were published in journals that are classified as International A by CAPES.

Epidemiology Postgraduate Program- Centre of Epidemiological Research