MSc Epidemiology

Application Period: 3rd till the 17th January


Prospective applicants for Master's Course in Epidemiology at UFPel must have a Bachelor’s degree in a health related area.

Application Process

The selection process for the Master's occurs in years ending in an even number (e.g. 2008, 2010 etc.). The selection will be based on:

  • Written test: Written test about public health, epidemiology, statistics and English. Candidates living abroad can request exemption and once the admissions department evaluates the circumstances the candidate will be notified.

  • Curriculum vitae: Analysis of the candidate's CV, taking into account previous experience with research and health related publications. A master degree in a health related field is a requirement as well as at least one published paper in a scientific journal.

  • Research proposal: Evaluation of the candidate's research proposal, which must be written according to the instructions found on the website.

  • Interview

Epidemiology Postgraduate Program- Centre of Epidemiological Research