MSc Wellcome Trust

The Wellcome Trust Foundation's funding is for research related to equity and child and maternal health. The program aims to stimulate critical evaluation of epidemiological theory, methods, data collection and statistical analysis. The scholarships are preferentially offered to Masterís postgraduates, but may be exceptionally offered to doctoral postgraduates. The program has a CAPES rating of grade 7, this is the highest grade in Brazilian Public Health and represents an excellence level at international standards.

The course lasts 24 months and classes are taught in Portuguese. Wellcome Trust scholars participate in the regular epidemiology Master's course, encouraging true exchange between foreign and Brazilian postgraduates. The Foundation Wellcome Trust scholarships encompass travel expenses from the country of origin, financial help for expenses during the 24 months, and investigation expenses.

Epidemiology Postgraduate Program- Centre of Epidemiological Research