Equity in Health and Nutrition

International Center for Analyses and Monitoring of Equity in Health and Nutrition

Researchers from the CPE are responsible for performing and advising epidemiological researches and analyses of specific aspects of Brazilian and foreign health inequalities. The study has been happening through the International Center for Analyses and Monitoring of Equity in Health and Nutrition, which consists of many international organizations, such as WHO, UNICEF and UFNPA, bilateral funding agencies for development, and of non-governmental and academic organizations, including the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel), that was one of the initiative's founding institutions in 2005.

Main activities of the Center:

  • Advising the Ministry of Health in the evaluation of health inequalities and in the creation of measures for reducing them.
  • Acting as an International Reference Center of the Global Health Observatory (WHO). The Center realizes periodical tabulations of health enquiries made all over the world to point out and monitors inequalities in health.
  • Acting as a Collaborator Center of the Countdown to 2015 Initiative for monitoring the progress of maternal, neonate and child health. The Center makes reports about the socioeconomic, ethnic, urban/rural, and genre inequalities for the 68 countries with high mortality rates, including Brazil.

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